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Early Dynastic Egypt - sites

Abu Rowash

Extensive cemetery of the First Dynasty and Fourth Dynasty. For the tombs of the First Dynasty see:


A large cemetery, partly excavated in recent years, dates to the First Dynasty.

Aswan (Elephantine)

The most southern city of Egypt on an island opposite modern Aswan. In the First Dynasty a fortification was built, which was the core of a city. Excavations since 1970 revealed a small temple of Satet. The best preserved temple building of the first dynasties.


Important site in Lower Egypt. Finds show the development of cultures in Lower Egypt from prehistory to the Old Kingdom (about 2686-2181 BC) .


City and cemeteries on the east bank of the Nile opposite Hierakonpolis.


A vast cemetery of the First to Third Dynasty, excavated by Zaki Y. Saad, but never fully published. The site is being re-excavated by an Australian mission.

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The administrative centre of Egypt from its founding in the First Dynasty.

Minshat Abu Omar

A cemetery dating from Naqada to the Early Dynastic Period

Naga ed-Deir

A series of cemeteries including tombs of Early Dynastic date.

Old Cairo

A large tomb dating to the Second Dynasty indicates that this site was already important in Early Dynastic Egypt.


The cemetery of Memphis, starting with the beginning of the First Dynasty. Large tombs of nobles have been found. For the Second Dynasty two tombs of kings (Hotepsekhemwy or Raneb; Ninetjer) are attested.

Tell Ibrahim Awad

Important site in the east Delta.

Zawiyet el-Aryan

Next to the pyramid of the Third Dynasty is a small cemetery of First Dynasty date.



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