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The Impact of 3D VR Reconstructions: Meydum

Question - pyramid power: does a single site reconstruction convey the impact of the first pyramid?

A VRML model of the great pyramid, large mastabas and the landscape of Meydum (0.2MB)
(*All three structures are from very different periods and are placed together to show their relative positions only.)

An AVI model (47.3MB) and an MPEG model (4.7MB) of the great pyramid and its causeway approach

A selection of JPEG still images of the Meydum Pyramid and the Mastabas

Background information on the Meydum pyramid

Comments on the model: The task of reconstruction itself was pretty straight-forward, thanks to the well documented excavation records. However, the sheer size of the great pyramid was simply overwhelming even in the VR environment.

Evidence: The reconstruction follows the relatively well preserved and published remains of the pyramid and the cemetery.

Does the Meydum question emerge from the pages?

Does the reconstruction help you learn about the site, or impose itself as reality?

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