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Meydum, further information

The pyramid was apparently planned as a step pyramid, but later the sides were made smooth, converting it into the first geometrically 'true' pyramid.

King Snefru built three pyramids. The pyramid at Meydum was the first of these three buildings. In older literature king Huni of the Third Dynasty is often named as the owner of the pyramid at Meydum. However the name of king Huni has never been found at Meydum. Snefru was identified as owner of the pyramid at least by some New Kingdom graffiti. The name of king Snefru is found in some of the mastabas in Meydum (Petrie 1892: pl. XIX).

Measurements: 144 m (base), 92 m (height)

volume: 638.733 m3

angle: 51* 50'35''

Research and early visitors:

12th century - Taqi ad-Din describes the pyramid as five step mountain
18th century - Frederik Ludwig Norden described the pyramid as with three steps
1798 - the Napoleon expedition, with drawing in the Description
1837 - Perring took measurements
1843, 2 March, 21-22 May - the Lepsius expedition visited the place
1881 - Maspero opened the pyramid
1891 - W.M.F. Petrie
1909-1910 - W.M.F. Petrie and G.A. Wainwright
1929-1930 - A. Rowe (University Museum, Pennsylvania)
1984 - Ali el-Khouli (Egyptian Antiquities Organisation)

Bibliography on the Meydum pyramid (research):

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