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Senusret (in Greek 'Sesostris') I Kheperkare(about 1956-1911/10 BC)

Second king of the Twelfth Dynasty. Senusret is thought to have reigned for the first ten years in a coregency with his father Amenemhat I: if so, the start of his reign (and of the coregency) seems to be the point at which a new Residence city was founded at Lisht, and the pyramid of Amenemhat I was begun. Senusret I is responsible for a building programme in which many temples all over the country were for the first time rebuilt in stone or at least decorated with stone elements, with inscriptions and images of the king. The pyramid of the king in Lisht follows the plan of the late Old Kingdom pyramid. Several military campaigns against Nubia are attested, with the foundation of fortresses, for example at Buhen, demonstrating expanding Egyptian control.

Horus name: Ankhmesut
Nebty name: Ankhmesut
Golden Falcon name: Ankhmesut
Prenomen: Kheperkare
Nomen: Senusret


Burial place: Lisht


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

relief from Koptos UC 14786
UC 11253 (furniture inlay?)

Shells with the name 'Senusret' and 'Kheperkare'. (click on the pictures for larger images)

UC 52150 UC 52151 UC 52152 UC 52153

Further Attestations (selection):

The king is attested at many temples in the Egypt (Hierakonpolis, Denderah, Abydos, Heliopolis, Bubastis, Medinet el Fayum; see Simpson 1984a ):




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