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Amenemhat (I) Sehetepibre (1976-1947 BC)

First king of the Twelfth Dynasty (during his reign the king changed some of his names; the older name is put in brackets). He founded a new administrative centre for the country on the border of Upper and Lower Egypt, with the name Itjtawyamenemhat 'Amenemhat is seizer of the two lands' (usually shortened to Itjtawy, and probably located near the Nile in the area of modern Lisht, where the king had his pyramid complex built).

Horus name: Wehemmesut (Seheteptawy)
Nebty name: Wehemmesut (Seheteptawy)
Golden Falcon name: Wehemmesut (Zema)
Prenomen: Sehetepibre
Nomen: Amenemhat
Burial place: Pyramid in Lisht (Gautier/Jéquier 1902: 87-97)

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

The king is mentioned in three Middle Kingdom literary compositions (date of composition within the Middle Kingdom uncertain):

Block from Koptos

UC 14785

Further Attestations:



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