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Buhen, some finds from the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)
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In the Middle Kingdom Lower Nubia was conquered by the Egyptians, who built a chain of fortresses along the Nile. Under Senusret I a huge fortress was built at Buhen; the building was restructured by Senusret III. Egyptian soldiers lived here. In the 13th Dynasty their families seem also to settle at Buhen. In the Second Intermediate Period the place was ruled by the kings of Kush, probably based at Kerma. Some small finds of Middle Kingdom date are in the Petrie Museum.

head, late Middle Kingdom another view
Fragments of mud gaming board.
rough figure of woman (?)
UC 19625 UC 19625 UC 19625


stone tools from the Middle Kingdom level
UC 21167
UC 21170
UC 21171
UC 21225
UC 21226
UC 21228

metal working
UC 25861
UC 21748
UC 21423

seal impressions
UC 2354
UC 2356
UC 2360
UC 2361
UC 215151
UC 21517


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