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Rock inscriptions at Aswan and the surrounding area
examples mentioning a royal name

The drawings are taken from Petrie's notebooks. The reference is to the publication.

Inscriptions of the Old Kingdom (about 2686-2181 BC)

Four inscriptions,
Mery-Re (Pepy I - top); Unas (right); Neferkare (Pepy II) (middle); Intef II (left)
Petrie 1888: pl. XII. 309-312

Inscriptions of the Eleventh Dynasty

King Mentuhotep II, the beloved god's father son of Ra Intef, the treasurer Khety, and the king's mother Iah (behind the king)
Petrie 1888: pl. XVI.489 (the inscription is located at Shatt er-Rigal)


Inscription mentioning king Mentuhotep II.

Inscription mentioning king Mentuhotep II.
Petrie 1888: pl. VIII. 213
Petrie 1888: pl. VIII. 243

Inscriptions of the Twelfth Dynasty

Inscription of king Amenemhat I
Inscription mentioning king Senusret I
Petrie 1888: pl. XII.308
Petrie 1888: pl. X. 270

Inscriptions of the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC):

Names of Thutmose IV
not published in Petrie 1888

Inscriptions of the Late Period:

Names of king Ahmose, 26th Dynasty
Petrie 1888: pl. XI.no. 302



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