Medical Education


'Fun, fun, fun' study

This study was based around a second-year student lab-class. For more details of the methodology, etc, see the PDF of the published paper.

The questionnaire is provided here, although it should be noted that the raw question items for the personality measure in question 54 have been redacted because of copyright issues.

The data are provided as an SPSS file. The data as collected were anonymous and the results are presented as typed in by the students, with the exception that raw items for the personality measure have been replaced by calculated scores on the five dimensions. It should be noted that each student was asked to get the questionnaire completed by 12 respondents, and hence 'student number' refers not to individual respondents but to a random code number provided by the student so that they could identify their own 12 respondents. Likewise 'group' refers to the group in which those students were working. The data could therefore be analysed as a multi-level study, although we did not actually do that.