Medical Education


Psychology in Medicine

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Psychology in Medicine was published in 1992 by Butterworth-Heinemann, and is now out of print.  Details of the contents can be found below.This was the first book I wrote, and I set aside a summer to write it, and finished it seven years later. To a large extent it is based on the course on Psychology for Medical Students that I taught to pre-clinical students at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School from 1979 to 1997.


Preface11: Freud and emotional development22: Stress, anxiety and psychosomatic disease
1: Introduction12: Attitudes23: Neuropsychology
Basic processes13: Personal construct theorySpecific applications to medicine
2: Perception and sensation14: Group processes24: Smoking
3: LearningGeneral application to medicine25: Alcohol
4: Memory15: Doctor-Patient communication26: Eating and obesity
5: Cognition16: Diagnosis27: Models of mental illness
6: Language17: Ageing28: The neuroses
7: Intelligence18: Death, dying and bereavement29: Depression
8: Personality19: Sleep30: Schizophrenia
9: Emotion20: Pain31: Mental retardation
10: Child development21: Drugs: Placebos, addiction and abuseFurther reading and Index