Applied Analysis

The Applied Analysis group at UCL Mathematics has a broad range of research interests in asymptotic-, functional-, complex- and stochastic analysis.

Much of our research concerns the analysis of linear and
nonlinear ordinary and partial differential and difference equations.
Our work is motivated by applications in fluid dynamics, wave
propagation, geophysics, medical imaging, relativity theory, finance,
industry, and social science. Within the group we have particular expertise in:

  • high frequency wave propagation and scattering;
  • homogenization;
  • hybrid numerical-asymptotic methods;
  • integrable systems;
  • integral equations and operator theory;
  • inverse problems;
  • kinetic theory;
  • matched asymptotic expansions;
  • mathematical fluid mechanics;
  • multiscale techniques;
  • Nevanlinna theory;
  • singular perturbation theory;
  • Sobolev spaces on non-smooth domains;
  • spectral theory;
  • stochastic PDEs.

Group members include:
Dr Christopher Alexander, Research Fellow
Dr Shane Cooper, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Dr Mohit Dalwadi, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Dr Yan-Long Fang, Research Fellow
Dr Megan Griffin-Pickering, Research Fellow
Prof Rod Halburd, Professor of Mathematics
Associate Prof David Hewett, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics
Dr Ilia Kamotski, Reader in Mathematics
Dr Jonathan Marshall, Teaching Fellow
Prof Carlo Marinelli, Professor of Mathematics
Prof Valery Smyshlyaev, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Dr Ruoyu Wang, Research Fellow