Department News, April 2021 Part 1

16 April 2021

Lots of good news around awards this week!

(1) Soheni Francis is the winner of the BEAMS professional services award in the "Financing Our Ambitions" category. She will receive her award next Wednesday at an online ceremony - all staff should have received an invitation.

(2) Cecilia Busuioc has been shortlisted for a UCL Education Award in the category "Outstanding response to teaching and/or support during a pandemic"

(3) The MAPS faculty is awarding no less than 4 individual Faculty Education Awards: to David Sheard, Jeff Galkowski, Dave Hewett and Richard Hill; and a team Faculty Education Award to the whole Teaching & Learning Team in the department.

(4) Luciano Rila is one of just 24 shortlisted nominees (out of almost 1500 nominations) for a Student Choice Award. He's been shortlisted in the category "Diverse and inclusive education".

We also had several other people nominated:
"Active Student Partnership": Christian Boehmer and Luciano Rila (again)

"Research-based Education": Mark Roberts, Steve Baigent
"Exceptional feedback": Steven Rose
"Inspiring teaching delivery": Isidoros Strouthos

Many congratulations to all the nominees and winners!