Department News, September 2018

25 September 2018

  1. Lauri Oksanen has been awarded the JiongWei Young Researcher Award for Inverse Problems: https://www.ece.nus.edu.sg/stfpage/elechenx/Conference/Award.htm

  2. Hao Ni has been awarded two grants from the Alan Turing Institute: a partnership project "The Efficient Description of Image Data for Machine Learning with Medical Application" as PI and a flagship project "Human Computer Interface in the context of Mental Health" (as co-I).

  3. Emily Maw has won UCL's "Student Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability": https://www.ucl.ac.uk/greenucl/news/2018/sep/ucl-sustainability-award-winners-revealed

  4. Rafael Prieto Curiel's open access Plos One paper on the distribution of road accidents was featured in Faculty Focus this month: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0818/090818-road-accidents

  5. The following students have recently passed their VIVAs:

  • Antonio Cauchi (10th September), whose thesis "On classes in the motivic cohomology of certain Shimura varieties" was supervised by Sarah Zerbes.

  • Rafael Prieto Curiel (18th September), whose thesis: "Mathematical modelling of social systems" was supervised by Steven Bishop.

  • Celso Dos Santos Viana (19th September), whose thesis "Isoperimetric and index one minimal surfaces in spherical space forms" was supervised jointly by Jason Lotay and Andre Neve (Chicago).

  1. David Hewett has been awarded an EPSRC grant: "Integral equations on fractal domains: analysis and computation

  2. Helen Higgins has won the BEAMS prize for outstanding professional service staff in the category "Valuing our staff and delivering on equality and diversity".

  3. PhD student Georgina Al-Badri has had a blog about her research published on the EPSRC website: https://epsrc.ukri.org/blog/bridging-the-gap-in-peripheral-nerve-repair/