Information about Mathematics modules for students who make an Extenuating Circumstances application

  • If you are a Mathematics Department student, you can see information on the Mathematics Welfare moodle page.
  • If you are from a department outside Mathematics, please see information from your own department. Please note that in this case your EC application goes to your home department, not Mathematics.
  • Please note the following applies to students from within or outside the Mathematics department with an EC extension for a coursework in a MATH* module:
    Coursework for Mathematics modules is normally made up of weekly or fortnightly problem sheets; these are normally expected to take no more than a few hours to complete. For this reason, the normal extension available to students who make an agreed EC claim for an extension for a problem sheets or quiz is 2 days (not one week).  If your EC is such that this extension is insufficient, you can apply for an exemption of this part of the component (i.e. this particular bit of coursework) instead: this cannot be done as a self-certified EC. In the case of an extension, the deadlines will be amended for you. (If when you are ready to submit your coursework, you find the deadline has not yet been changed, please submit it late and let the department know via email (math.ugwelfare@ucl.ac.uk) so this can be sorted for you.)