Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP)

On this page you will find information on emergency & evacuation guidance for those requiring support and assistance including links for PEEP contacts and risk assessments.

What is PEEP?

Every department at UCL has a responsibility to ensure people with disabilities can be safely evacuated in an emergency. A PEEP is used to provide an assessment for planning ememergency evacuation from UCL premises for people with mobility impairment or sensory disabilities in case of emergency evacuation of a building. 

If you have any questions regarding PEEP within the Mathematics Department, please email nancy.wilson@ucl.ac.uk.

Further information on UCL's PEEP guidance and assessment support, please visit PEEPS / Accessible Fire Safety.


Emergency Egress & Evacuation Guidance

The following document provides information on the responsibilities of our Head of Department and the General Planning Considerations undertaken for People with Disabilities:


Risk Assessments

For futher information and guidance on UCL's policies and risk assessment procedures, please visit riskNET: Risk assessment.