Local Safety

On this page you find all the local safety information needed when visiting or attending the Department of Mathematics including key persons and first aid kit locations.

The Mathematics Department resides in multiple buildings and their safety information can be found on this page.

In all emergencies (fire, violence, theft, floods, power failure, gas leaks or an accident/injury that require more than simple first aid) at any time call the UCL Emergency Service on ext 222 or 020 7679 2222.


First Aid
Image of green and white first aid kit

The First Aiders for the department are:

25 Gordon Street - first aid box located in Room 610

  • Professor Christian Boehmer - Room 608, Ext. 33597
  • Ms Helen Higgins - Room 609, Ext. 32838

Kathleen Lonsdale Building - first aid box located in Room M201

  • Please refer to local information as trained first aiders are shared between departments in this space.

LSGNT, Physics Building -  first aid box located in Room E25B

  • Ms Nicola Townsend - Room E25B, Ext. 59932

CORU, 4 Taviton Street - first aid box located in 3rd Floor Unisex Toilet

  • Dr Luca Grieco - Room 301, Ext. 24502


Key Persons

Departmental Safety Officer: Miss Nancy Wilson
Deputy Safety Officer: Dr Mikhail Karpukhin

Fire Marshals
Gower place fire escape

25 Gordon Street

  • 4th Floor - Dr Rosemary Harris
  • 5th Floor - Prof. Yiannis Petridis, Prof. Dima Vassiliev
  • 6th Floor - Ms Helen Higgins, Ms Holly Crawford, Ms Almudena Gomez Blasco, Prof. Christian Boehmer (Senior Fire Marshal), Dr Ruth Reynolds, Ms Sidrah Malik, Dr Luciano Rila
  • 7th Floor - Prof. Nick Ovenden
  • 8th Floor - Prof. Richard Hill, Dr Sergei Timoshin, Prof. Ted Johnson, Dr Samuel Coskey, Prof. Robb McDonald

Kathleen Lonsdale Building (KLB)

Dr Carlo Marinelli

CORU, 4 Taviton Street

Ms Ruksana Begum, Ms Julie Taylor, Dr Alejandro Diaz

If you are interested in becoming a fire marshal or first aider, please complete our microsoft form.

Safety Induction

The following powerpoint provides information on the Mathematics Department general safety and fire safety induction processes: