Departmental Colloquia Spring 2014

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11 February 2014

Please note: This talk will start at 4:30pm.

Nigel Hitchin - University of Oxford

Title: Complex and quaternionic differential geometry

The differential geometry of complex manifolds is usually approached through the study of K\"ahler manifolds. These are Riemannian manifolds with holonomy in the unitary group $U(m)$. But there are other structures which are also interesting and one of these is the class of manifolds with a torsion-free connection having holonomy in the noncompact real Lie group $U^*(2m)$.

In this geometry one can discuss geodesics and the notion of volume but there is in general no concept of distance. However, they occur quite naturally associated to other differential-geometric structures related to the quaternions and in particular there are links to the so-called c-map in string theory.

The talk will focus on these new approaches and examples.