UCL London


London Champions

Andy Harris, Senior Alumni Relations Manager, Office of the Vice-Provost (Advancement)

Andy Harris
"UCL alumni and supporters play a pivotal role in support of London. Over 100,000 alumni live in London, adding to the city’s diversity and playing a critical role in its development. A number act as ambassadors for UCL in a London context, providing expertise and helping to grow UCL’s profile and reputation as ‘London’s Global University’ while also donating money to key projects such as the Centre for Access to Justice."

Email: andy.harris@ucl.ac.uk

Anna Donovan, Vice Dean (Innovation), UCL Faculty of Laws

Anna Donovan
"London is a global legal capital and UCL Faculty of Laws is extremely proud of the contributions it makes to crucial questions of law and public policy. Our relationship with the local London community is of the utmost importance to us and we utilise every opportunity to further that engagement. For example, through our active and wide-ranging series of free public events, the provision of pro-bono legal advice and our numerous research collaborations with London-based research partners."

Email: anna.donovan@ucl.ac.uk

Benjamin Meunier, Director of Operations, UCL Library Services

Ben Meunier
"We have 18 library sites in UCL Library Services, with many located within the hospitals where we support research, education and healthcare practice. Last year we had over three million visits to our family of libraries in London: many of our libraries are open 24-hours.

"Our staff are actively engaged in supporting the librarianship and information profession in London, with a number of colleagues involved in the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. A number of our libraries also host public events, so that we can share some of our resources and expertise. We're working with the London Borough of Newham and partners on joint exhibitions, so that our collections are more visible to Londoners. Our Special Collections team are working on exciting projects in the build-up to the opening of UCL East.

"We launched UCL Press as the first fully-Open Access university press in England three years ago. Whether it's our historic treasures or the latest research, we're creating opportunities for Londoners to discover new knowledge."

Email: benjamin.meunier@ucl.ac.uk

Claudia Mauri, Professor of Immunology, and Vice-Dean (International), Faculty of Medical Science

Claudia Mauri
"Professor Mauri plays a key role  in the Athena Swan role as 'Champion for Women' in the Division. Acting as a member of the Division’s Executive Committee, she successfully helped to raise awareness of gender issues, widening participation, and co-ordinated and chaired an annual review by heads of centres to identify female candidates to be supported by the Division for fellowship applications."

Email: c.mauri@ucl.ac.uk

Joanne Santini, Professor of Microbiology and Lead of Microbiology@UCL Domain, Faculty of Life Sciences

Jo Santini
"London is a global centre of excellence for scientific research. Researchers in the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences make scientific discoveries that affect all Londoners. The breadth of their research, from the study of molecules to whole organisms and ecosystems, has far reaching impacts on artificial intelligence, biotechnology, the environment, health and medicines, plus many other areas. Our staff and students also have an impact on London and Londoners through a host of other activities including public engagement, art installations, popular books, volunteering and much more. Our Faculty is committed, through its research, innovation and education, to making London the best place in the world to live."

Email: j.santini@ucl.ac.uk

Michael Stewart, Professor of Social Anthropology, Vice-Dean (Enterprise), Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Michael Stewart
"Like the rest of UCL, Anthropology here believes passionately in making our global university a key player in supporting the prosperity and wellbeing of our global city like London. We now run London’s largest documentary film festival, Open City Documentary Festival, as one part of our engagement with the creative industries that lie at the heart of our city’s cultural and economic life."

Email: m.stewart@ucl.ac.uk