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The London Centre for Nanotechnology is a UK-based multidisciplinary enterprise operating at the forefront of science and technology. Our purpose is to solve global problems in information processing, healthcare, energy and the environment through the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Founded in 2003, the LCN began as a joint venture between University College London and Imperial College London, based at the Bloomsbury and South Kensington sites; from 2018 King's College London joined the collaboration from its base on The Strand. The LCN occupies a purpose-built eight storey facility in Gordon Street, Bloomsbury (opened in 2006) as well as extensive facilities within different departments at South Kensington and The Strand. The Centre’s experimental research is supported by leading-edge modelling, visualisation and theory through its access to state-of-the-art clean-room, characterisation, fabrication, manipulation and design laboratories.

This resource is for research groups from the UCL side of the partnership:


Digital Health Hub for Antimicrobial Resistance

Our new Digital Health Hub for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) funded by EPSRC will bring together an interdisciplinary team to better deploy digital technologies in the fight against antimicrobial resistance across humans, animals and the environment.

Fabrication with Ionic Liquid Ion

Fabrication with Ionic Liquid Ion

We develop new nanomanufacturing technologies using ionic liquids. We produce sprays from ionic liquids that can be used for fast material removal, can be focused for localised modification of matter at the nanoscale, and could be deposited for additive nanomanufacturing.

Hirjibehedin Research Group

Our research focuses on understanding the electronic and magnetic properties of nanoscale structures and exploring how they might be used to make the smallest possible devices for information processing, data storage, and sensing.

Schofield research page teaser image

Schofield Research Group

Understanding and controlling the fundamental quantum properties of matter at the atomic scale, enabling the creation of next-generation technologies for classical and quantum information processing applications.