LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Annual programme of public engagement activities:


‘School visits’ programme – This annual programme was established in 2001 by Louise Cramer and is now an integral part of outreach opportunities for PhD students at the LMCB. It comprises a day-long visit by sixth form students to the LMCB in which they are given some background information on cell biology research, exposed to a range of lab-based activities and provided with a careers Q&A.


Science Festivals – The LMCB regularly participates in the MRC Festival of Medical Research, by hosting a science open day that includes a number of activities and workshops focused around disseminating knowledge of cell biology. For more information about the 2019 Summer Science Fete, click here. To see photos of the 2018 Science Fair, click here.

Summer work experience for secondary school students – We partner with in2scienceUK to give secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity  to gain insights into molecular cell biology research.

All year

‘Scientists go back to school’ programme – LMCB researchers visit schools to promote knowledge of their research and science as a career. Visits are aimed at both primary and secondary school children. 

Scientist preparing microscopes for science fair

Very interesting exhibits which engaged me and the children... Lots of enthusiastic scientists sharing their knowledge... Excellent presentation on a range of topics, great effort made to make it easy to follow regardless of age and previous background  (Evaluation survey for MRC @ UCL Centenary Science Fair, 2013) 

As teacher with previous research career, I felt that the content and topics were extremely engaging and much more than what I was expecting (pupils got to experience procedure that I hadn't the opportunity to do when I was doing my degree (George Green School, Feedback from School Visit, 2014)