LMCB - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Interview with Agathe Chaigne

What got you into science?

I actually don't know about that. I like a number of things. I think when it came down to it it was either going to be a career in something related to languages (I speak 4: french, english, spanish and mandarin) or science. I picked science because it seemed that would lead me to a career where I could do both.
Tell us about your professional journey to the LMCB
I studied in Paris, mostly very centered around the 5th arrondissement. Great food and bars there. During my PhD in Paris where I was working on the role of cortex tension in mouse oocyte asymmetric division, I met Ewa Paluch at a conference. I had read a few or her papers, including one that I really loved, and I went to talk to her, and here we are!
What’s keeping you busy in lab these days in the lab? 
I am trying to wrap up my main project working on mouse stem cell asymmetric division and what it means for the exit from pluripotency. I found that stem cells do all sorts of weird things when they divide in 3D! I also have a number of collaborations, within the lab, LMCB, and outside.
How and where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Master of the world, or more realistically, submitting my first last author paper! I am planning on applying for faculty positions next fall.
What do you do for fun?
I play ice hockey! I also knit a lot, and I watch a lot of football. My fantasy football team is probably the worst in the universe.