Bespoke courses

Bespoke short courses and custom executive education

We can work with your organisation to design and build customised programmes and courses from scratch.

The bespoke short courses team at UCL Consultants (a UCL wholly owned subsidiary) will match your organisation's needs to UCL’s wide range of academic expertise.

This creates learning opportunities to help you address the challenges you want to solve and the opportunities you want to secure.

Find out how to create a bespoke short course with UCL Consultants.

In-house courses

Many of the existing courses listed in the A-Z catalogue can be delivered in house and tailored to your organisation on request.

Some of our online courses can also be adapted to meet your organisational needs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're interested in a specific course in the catalogue, contact the person named under 'Contact information' on the course description page. The Life Learning team can't answer questions about specific courses.

Alternatively, you can speak to the bespoke short courses team at UCL Consultants to discuss your organisation's needs for in-house courses more generally.

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