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Please note the team is unable to provide advice to individual members of staff or students on matters that are personal or are not of an institutional nature.

Core UCL activity and other activity

The Legal Services team has to prioritise the provision of advice and support to UCL’s core day to day activities.

If a request for advice does not relate to UCL’s core activities or is revenue generating, it is likely that external advisors will need to be engaged to support the activity.  
Any engagement of external lawyers must be coordinated through the Legal Services team.

Where external advice is required we utilise our significant experience of working within the legal sector to ensure that the project obtains best value for the legal advice required.  Our role is not restricted to identifying appropriately experienced lawyers and obtaining fee proposals for approval by the project team.  We will also manage every aspect of the relationship with the external advisors, coordinating the provision of advice and ensuring full instructions are given to external advisors.

Disputes with third parties

You should notify the Legal Services team as soon as you become aware that any individual or organisation is considering a legal claim against or involving UCL.  

If you receive formal notice of any legal action against UCL, you must provide details and relevant documentation to the Legal Services team immediately. 

Disputes with employees should be notified to the HR team immediately.

Engagement with Legal Services

The Legal Services team works closely with Professional Services and other teams / functions within UCL across a broad range of activity.  It is usually best to contact the relevant team / function within UCL first and they will then liaise with the Legal Services team if they require legal assistance.  Some examples of matters and the appropriate team are as follows:



Student Matters

Student & Registry Services

Data Protection / FOI

Data Protection/FOI Officer

Funded Research

Research Services


Insurance Team

Industry Placements

Student & Registry Services


Faculty Enterprise Team

Purchasing goods or services


Staff Consultancy

UCL Consultants

Staffing/HR Issues

Human Resources

IP Commercialisation

UCL Business

IP Policies

Library Services / Innovation and Enterprise

Property Issues


Alumni / Fundraising

VP Development

International Activity

Global Engagement Office

Teaching / Consumer Protection

Student & Registry Services


Who we are

Natasha Lewis: General Counsel, (x58742, natasha.lewis@ucl.ac.uk)
Alex Hall: Legal Services Director (x58700, alex.hall@ucl.ac.uk)
Michelle Wein: Legal Counsel (x58513, m.wein@ucl.ac.uk)
Sarah Willey: Legal Counsel (x58970, s.willey@ucl.ac.uk)
Fiona Naughton: Legal Counsel (x07809, f.naughton@ucl.ac.uk)
Lettie Smythers: Legal Counsel (x58643, l.smythers@ucl.ac.uk)
Eleanor Winslet: Legal Counsel (x54884, e.winslet@ucl.ac.uk)
Sarah West: Legal Counsel (on maternity leave until late 2024)
Lucy Burrows: Legal Counsel (x57348, lucy.burrows@ucl.ac.uk)
Kati Kaarlehto: Legal Counsel (x58729, kati.kaarlehto@ucl.ac.uk)
Victoria Ehmann: Legal Counsel (x59874, v.ehmann@ucl.ac.uk)
Danny Patel: Legal Counsel (x58615, danny.patel@ucl.ac.uk)
Michael Dimas: Legal Counsel (x54749, m.dimas@ucl.ac.uk)
Susie Hilton Knox: Legal Counsel (x09577, susie.hiltonknox@ucl.ac.uk)
Sarah Martin: Legal Counsel (x57384, sarah.l.martin@ucl.ac.uk)
Martin Buzys: Legal Counsel (x57294, m.buzys@ucl.ac.uk)
Mary Foord-Weston: Legal Counsel (x51784, m.foord-weston@ucl.ac.uk)

How to contact us

Office address: provided upon enquiry