Jane Thornton (née Butler)

???? - 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Widow of Edmund Thornton (q.v.) of Whittington whom she married, Bentham parish, London, 29/12/1796.

  2. Edmund Thornton was a business associate of Simon Fraser, with whom in 1801 he appears to have jointly purchased the Good Hope Estate in Demerara [see entry for Marjory, Lady Saltoun]. He was also partner of James Baillie of Bedford Square and Duncan Campbell of Bedford Square (each of whom q.v.).

  3. The children of Jane and Edmund Thornton included Butler Edmund Thornton and William Thomas Thornton (their second son: NB: this is not the same William Thomas Thornton (1813-1880), the political economist (for whom see Oxford DNB)) who married Hannah Isabella Cornelia Halkett, daughter of the late Col. Halkett of Craigie Hall, Fife 07/06/1824, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Edmund Thornton given as 'Edmund Thornton of Whittington Hall, Lancashire'.

  4. Will of Jane Thornton widow of Clarence Terrace Regents Park proved 05/07/1837. After specific legacies of several hundred pounds, she left her estate equally to her sons Butler Edmund and William Thomas Thornton.


British Guiana 560A & B & British Guiana 560C&D (Good Hope).

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Further Information

Maiden Name
Name in compensation records
Mrs Jane Thornton
Edmund Thornton
Butler Edmund; William Thomas

Associated Claims (2)

£13,574 3s 9d
£7,287 1s 10d

Relationships (3)

Mother → Son
Mother → Son
Widow → Deceased Husband