Michael Hinton Castle

1785 - 23rd Jan 1845

Claimant or beneficiary


Michael Hinton Castle counterclaimed with Charles Cave of London on two estates belonging or recently belonging to the Pickering family, as owners-in-fee of Palmiste and as assignees of the mortgagees in possession on Cascade. These two estates were shown in an 1828 codicil to the will of Isaac Pickering (q.v.) to have been mortgaged to Philip & George Protheroe of Bristol, and it is possible that Castle and Cave had advanced credit to the Protheroes on the security of the latters' interest in these estates.

  1. Michael Hinton Castle, son of Robert Castle and Deborah, was baptised 27/07/1785 at the Dissenting Church, Hatherleigh, Devon. Rubinstein has Michael Castle (1763-1821), a distiller in Bristol, and a son Michael [also d. 1845] as a distiller; Rubinstein also has Catherine Castle of Stapleton Bristol, leaving £120,000. Catherine Castle appears incorrectly identified by Rubinstein as the daughter of Michael Castle and Deborah Kiddell, who married in 1806 in London - in fact Catherine Kiddell (widow of Stapleton whose will was proved in 1823) married Michael Castle, brother of Robert and uncle of Michael Hinton Castle, in London in 1806 and their only child was also called Catherine (spinster of Stapleton who died 11/12/1834 age 22 and whose will was proved in 1835). Rubinstein's 'son Michael' must be an error for Michael Hinton Castle: Michael Hinton Castle was Michael Castle's nephew.

  2. Castles & Ames were distillers, partners were Robert Castle, John Ames and Michael Castle in 1793.

  3. Michael Hinton Castle's first wife was Susan Smith, daughter of John Christmas Smith and Charlotte Maria Bearsley; they married in Clifton, Gloucestershire, 27/08/1808. An online blog relates the story of Susan's family who were wine merchants in Oporto, Portugal and Bristol, England.

  4. No death for Susan Castle had been found but on 17/02/1816 Michael Hinton Castle remarried, to Frances Boddam, daughter of Rawson Hart Boddam (1734-1812), Governor of Bombay. Another online blog (of the same series as 3., above) relates the story of Frances's family and their connections with India. Michael and Frances had four children: Tudor (baptised 13/04/1817 in St Andrews, Clifton), Boddam (born 06/01/1819 and baptised at Lewin's Mead Unitarian Church, Bristol), Fanny (born 14/09/1821, baptised at Lewin's Mead) and Susan (born 30/10/1825, baptised at Lewin's Mead). Frances died shortly after the birth of Susan in 1825.

  5. Michael Hinton Castle's third marriage was to Mary Helen Gordon on 12/06/1828 in Clifton, Gloucestershire. Mary Helen Gordon was the daughter of John Gordon and Catherine nee Hering (both q.v.). Mary Helen's sister Catherine Gordon (1798-1869) married Sir William Miles (1797-1878), the son of Philip John Miles (q.v., 1773-1845) and brother of Philip William Skynner Miles (q.v., 1816-1881). Michael Hinton Castle and Mary Helen Gordon had five daughters: Kate (born 13/0/1829), Ellen (born 29/01/1832), Mary (born 22/06/1833), Mary Rose (born 10/06/1836) and Alice (baptised 14/09/1839). All the daughters were baptised at Lewin's Mead.

  6. Records of second baptisms have been found for two of Michael Hinton Castle's children: Susan (daughter of his second wife Frances) was baptised for a second time in Silchester, Hampshire, 28/02/1846 and Alice (daughter of Mary Helen) was baptised for a second time at Abbots Leigh (Holy Trinity), Somerset, 15/03/1853.

  7. Michael Hinton Castle was registered at Clifton, Gloucestershire in 1830 and as a Distiller of Milk Street, Parish of St Paul, Gloucestershire, 1837.

  8. M.H. Castle, Distiller, age 56, was living at Stapleton in Gloucestershire in the census of 1841 with his wife Mary age 38, children and servants. Death of Michael Hinton Castle registered Q1 1845 Clifton, Gloucestershire.

  9. Michael Hinton Castle was a Liberal Councillor in Bristol, 1835-1839 and 1841-1845 and left £35,000 on his death in 1845.

  10. Michael Hinton Castle's first cousin Deborah (1816-1902, daughter of Thomas Castle who was brother of Michael Hinton's father Robert) married Sir John Bowring (1792–1872). Both were prominent Unitarians.


T71/894 Trinidad claim nos. 1063 (Cascade) and 1867 (Palmiste).

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We are grateful to Victoria Wisternoff and Ruth Hecht for their assistance with compiling this entry.

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(1) Susan Smith (2) Frances Boddam (3) Mary Helen Gordon
With (2) Tudor (1817-), Boddam (1819-), Fanny (1821-), Susan (1824-). With (3) Kate (1829-), Ellen (1832-), Mary (1833-), Mary Rose (1836-), Alice (1839-)
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£7,308 13s 1d
£3,984 13s 6d

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Thomas Castle & Co.
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Castles and Rudgeway Coal Company
Coal, iron and marble  

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Michael Hinton Castle's third wife Mary Helen Gordon was the sister of Catherine Gordon who married Sir William Miles (1797-1878), son of Philip John...
Other relatives
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Michael Hinton Castle's third wife Mary Helen Gordon was the sister of Catherine Gordon (1798-1869) who married Sir William Miles (1797-1878), brother of Philip William Skynner...
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Michael Hinton Castle married John Gordon's daughter Mary Helen...
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Michael Hinton Castle married Catherine Gordon's daughter Mary Helen...

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Stapleton Grove, Stapleton [now in Bristol], Gloucestershire, South-west England, England