James Campbell

1800 - 2nd Mar 1866

Claimant or beneficiary


London barrister, awarded part of the compensation for the enslaved people on Pembroke in Tobago with Andrew Henry Lynch and Lachlan Maclachan, as assignees of a mortgage, possibly as trustees.

  1. Will of James Campbell formerly of New Cavendish Street afterwards of Harley Street and of Lincolns Inn, barrister at law, but late of 10 York Place, one of Her Majesty's Counsel, who died 02/03/1866 proved 06/04/1866 by the widow Eliza Matilda Campbell, effects under £14,000. In 1851 the couple had been living with 3 servants at Wyndham Place, James Campbell barrister in actual practice born Scotland aged 51 and Eliza Matilda born Lambeth Surrey aged 41.

  2. The path to ownership is not clear: John Petrie, party to the mortgage of 1798 (whether as mortgagor or mortgagee is unclear, probably as the former) was by 1815 an absentee owner in Tobago whose bankruptcy was in process; in it, he was described as late of Kempton Middlesex and associated as owner or part-owner with the Pembroke estate on the island. (Part of his separate estate was described as a considerable sum from the French government).

  3. James Campbell, Andrew Henry Lynch and Lachlan MacLachlan were the executors of Lieutenant-General James Campbell of New Cavendish Street, Portland Place, whose will was proved 22/02/1820. The will describes Lachlan MacLachlan as the nephew and James Campbell as the grand-nephew of Lieutenant-General James Campbell; both were beneficiaries under the will, which does not specify the Tobago mortgage.


T71/891 Tobago no. 55. Andrew Henry Lynch of Lincolns Inn, Lachlan Machlachan and James Campbell of 12 New Cavendish St, Portland Place, mortgagees for £18000; T71/1304 from 1798 mortgage of John Petrie, Dugald Campbell and James Robertson, assigned to James Campbell and then to the counterclaimants.

  1. National Probate Calendar 1866.

  2. London Gazette, Issue 17077, 07/11/1815, p. 2231.

  3. PROB 11/1625/303.

Further Information

Eliza Matilda
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (1)

£1,940 6s 1d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Addresses (3)

10 York Place, Portman Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
12 New Cavendish Street, Portland Place, London, Middlesex, London, England
Wyndham Place, London, Middlesex, London, England