Peter Montgomerie

???? - 9th Jun 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


Trustee of claimant Robert Montgomerie (who was probably his uncle) who died in 1835.  

  1. Peter Montgomerie formerly of St Croix married Janet, 2nd daughter of late William Wood of Plantation at Port Glasgow 15/06/1824; he died at Clune Park Glasgow 09/06/1849; Janet, widow of Peter Montgomerie formerly of Port Glasgow and St Croix West Indies died at 64 Kirkdale Sydenham 27/07/1888 aged 86 (she left £7098 6s 7d).

  2. Thomas Harrison Montgomery's genealogy shows Robert Montgomerie of Sevilla and Cottage (who died unmarried) and John Montgomerie (who bought and sold the Friendship estate) as brothers, sons of Patrick Montgomerie (1709-1774): John died in 1831 and his heir is shown as 'Patrick' who is described as marrying Janet, daughter of William Wood. This appears to be the same man as the Peter Montgomerie of this claim. Patrick's brothers included, confusingly, John and Robert: John's son Hugh Edmonstone Montgomerie acted as his aunt's executor in 1888.

  3. Around 1850, the Eccles firms as creditors of Peter Montgomerie sometime of the Island of St Croix afterwards Merchant in Port Glasgow, now deceased, sought sequestration of his estates; Robert Montgomerie, only son and successor, residing at Clune Park near Port Glasgow, had been cited to appear to show why sequestration should not be granted: he failed to appear.


  1. Greenock Advertiser 18/06/1824 and 12/06/1849; Greenock Telegraph 30/07/1888; Watt Library Greenock Births, Marriages and Deaths Index Mitz to Myrtle [accessed 03/02/2011]; National Probate Calendar 1888 Janet Montgomerie formerly Wood; her excutors were Hugh Edmonstone Montgomerie shipowner and Robert Montgomerie son, a shipbroker, both of the City of London.

  2. Thomas Harrison Montgomery, A genealogical history of the family of Montgomery (Philadelphia, Privately published, 1863) pp. 129-130.

  3. Edinburgh Gazette, Issue 5948, 19/03/1850 p. 238.

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Janet Wood (1824)

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£7,173 18s 2d
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Senior partner
West India merchant - St Croix  

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Country house
Clune Park 
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Clune Park Halls now stand on Montgomerie Street in Port...

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Executor → Testator
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Also possibly nephew and uncle or natural son and...

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Clune Park, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Central Scotland, Scotland