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Dublin lawyer, awardee for enslaved people on St Kitts as mortgagee of a rent-charge to Mrs Martha Helden of £400 p.a. under an agreement of 31/12/1828.

  1. John Browne of Dublin, awarded the compensation for the enslaved people on Heldens on St Kitts. No connection has been established with John Denis Browne (?1799-1862) of Westport House and North Earl Street Dublin, the MP for County Mayo 1831-1834.

  2. John Brown, attorney, of 47 Eccles Street, Dublin, was a registered as voting for Daniel O'Connell in 1835. John Brown, solicitor, of 40 Eccles Street, appears in Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland in 1846. John Browne, solicitor, and member of the Law Society, 40 Eccles Street, appears in the Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland in 1849.


  1. T71/879 St Kitts claim no. 740, which gives him as J Browne. T71/1609 letter from John Browne of 47 Eccles St Dublin 15/11/1834: I have first claim on Martha Helden Estate, 126 slaves, 'my demand being about £4000'; [accessed 06/05/2016].

  2. Proceedings at the election for the city of Dublin, which commenced on Monday, January the 12h, and terminated on Saturday, the 17th, 1835; to elect two representatives for the City of Dublin in Parliament: to which is added a list of the voters (Dublin, 1835) p. 61; I. Slater's National and Commercial Directory of Ireland... (Manchester, 1846) p. 60; Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland (Dublin, 1849) p. 629.

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J Browne

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£2,067 4s 5d

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1828 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Not known

A mortgagee of a rent-charge to Mrs Martha Helden of £400 p.a. under an agreement of 31/12/1828.

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Martha Helden assigned or mortgaged a rent-charge on Helden's to John Browne of Dublin...

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Eccles Street, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland