Mary Shepley formerly Hodges (née Hallett)

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Grand-daughter of Col. John Hallett, and party to a Chancery suit arising from the will of her father John Hallett (d. c. 1716), dying c. 1747.

  1. Will of Mary Shepley, late widow of Thomas Hodges Esq. but now wife of John Shepley of Feltham 'being great with child' [made in 1742] proved 11/11/1747. Under the will of her mother Sarah Hales made in 1737, she said, Sarah Hales had left her £2000 out of £4500 chargeable on 'plantations, messuages, mills, negroes, hereditaments and other things [sic]' under an indenture of 1731: she was also Sarah Hales' residuary legatee. In turn she made her husband John Shepley her own universal legatee and sole executor.


The narrative in Hughes-Queree show the estate called The Russia passing to Sarah Hales and then to Mary Shepley's husband [Rev.] John Shepley. The will of Sarah Hales proved 11/05/1742 does not mention this estate.

  1. PROB 11/758/75.

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Maiden Name
(1) Thomas Hodges (2) John Shepley

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This association is made in Hughes-Queree. LBS has not yet verified the detailed account given there, which shows the mortgaged estate passing from Sarah Hales to her daughter's husband Rev. John Shepley.

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Grand-daughter → Grandfather

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Feltham, Middlesex, South-east England, England