Thomas Peters

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Natural son of George Goodin Barrett (q.v.) and Elisa Peters, appointed by his father as an executor and trustee on reaching his majority in a codicil to the latter's will when Thomas Peters was still a minor and was with the family of John Graham Clarke (q.v.) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Thomas Peters was party to extended litigation from 1809 over his father's estate. To date no death-date or will has been found for him.


TNA C 13/106/24 Description: [W1809 P7]. Short title: Peters v Parkinson. Document type: Two bills, answer. Plaintiffs: Thomas Peters and others. Defendants: Leonard Parkinson. Amended by order dated 09 Dec 1809: Thomas Rowson (junior) otherwise Thomas Rawson (junior), Richard Pilfold, George Hibbert, Robert Hibbert, William Hibbert, Samuel Hibbert, John Ellis (amended to John Willis), John Graham Clarke, Thomas Hartley [unknown] Hartley, Samuel Barrett, James Scarlett, George Crawford Ricketts, John Simpson, Philip Anglin Scarlett (abroad), Henry Waite Plummer (abroad), Thomas Bourke (abroad) and Raynes Barrett Waite (abroad) added as defendants. Revived and Supplementary Bill Hilary 1822 and Revived Trinity 1825; TNA C 13/121/12 Peters v Willis; TNA C 13/120/38 Peters v Barrett.

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Natural Son → Father

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, Northern England, England