Rev Anthony Bunting

1778 - 1831


  1. Owner of enslaved peope in Portland 1817-1826; registered enslaved people in Portland "in right of his wife."

  2. An Anthony Bunting has a bare entry in the Clergy of the Church of England Database, CCEd [database online] Person ID 116636, recording his ordination at London 19/12/1819.

  3. Anthony Bunting and his wife Jane had the following children baptised in Portland: John Roddam (1804), Jane Turner (1812), Alexander Kinlock (1814), Mary Ann (1816), Isabella Jane (1818), Sarah Ann (1827) and George Anthony (1829). Presumably his first wife was named Jane and second wife was also Jane (this second Jane had the middle name Elizabeth).

  4. Rev. Anthony Bunting, age 53, White, was buried in Portland 01/08/1831.


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Further Information

[1] Jane [2] Jane Elizabeth

PROB 11/1805/54 - precis.

Anthony Bunting of Portland, Jamaica.

To my dear friend and executor Rev. William Tate, £2000 in trust for the sole and entire use of my beloved daughter Isabella Jane at present in Great Britain for her education which sum is now vested in the government funds of Great Britain. To entire sum to be transferred into her hands at age 21 years or marriage and the interest in the meantime to be applied to her use and benefit. Should she die before age 21 or marriage, the sum to be divided as follows: 1/4 to my dear infant daughter Sarah Ann; 1/4 to my dear sister Margaret's daughters share and share alike; 1/4 to my dear nephew William Bunting Tate; the remaining 1/4 to my dear infant niece Mary Jane Tate.

To Rev William Tate, £1,000 in trust for my infant daughter Sarah Ann under the same terms as for Isabella Jane above except in the case of her death when the principal sum to be transferred into the hands of my dear wife Jane Elizabeth Bunting for her use and benefit.

To my son Roddam Bunting £150 currency payable 12 months after my decease.

To my nephew William Bunting Tate my gold watch with chain and seals.

To George William Pinnock, my godson, £50 currency to be appropriated for his benefit at the discretion of his father Rev George Pinnock.

All rest, residue and remainder to my dear wife Jane Elizabeth Bunting.

Rev William Tate of his Majesty's Naval College, Portsmouth and William Lambie and Robert Mein Esquires of Jamaica and Rev Miles Cooper Bolton of St George Jamaica to be executors. My wife to be executrix.

Signed 08/07/1831.

Witness oath sworn in Jamaica 21/11/1831.

Proved at London 05/09/1832.

Church of England

Relationships (3)

Husband → Second Wife
Father → Daughter
Brother-in-law → Sister-in-law