Milbrough or Milborough Maxwell

???? - 1807


  1. Abstract of will of Milbrough Maxwell of Lawrence Street, St Luke Chelsea proved 05/12/1807, probate value £3500. Executors Rev. Thos. Rees Rector of Kingston, James Hobbs banker of Bond Street. She left £3000 in trust to her grand-daughter Elizabeth Goldring Elrington, and a legacy of £700 currency left her by her friend Elizabeth Eve [? Cox] of Vere also in trust, with her residuary estate to her sons Henry Maxwell and George Booth Maxwell (q.v.). The will was the subject of a suit in 1811, Mayhew v Hobbs.


  1. IR 26/382/308; C 13/661/6.

Further Information

Married but no further details

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Mother → Son

Addresses (1)

Lawrence Street, St Luke's, Chelsea, London, Middlesex, London, England