Matthew Towgood banker of Clements Lane

???? - 1791


London banker, brother-in-law of John Mills 'the elder' (q.v. under John Mills of Great St Helens, City of London) who had left £12,000 to Mary Towgood, wife of Matthew Towgood, under his will proved in 1769. Matthew Towgood was blamed by Sherland Swanston (q.v.) for the bankruptcy of two successive mercantile partnerships, Mills's & Swanston and Mills & Swanston, which both failed in 1781. Presumably Towgood had been pursuing the legacy left by John Mills of Great St Helens to Matthew Towgood's wife Mary Towgood.

  1. Will of Matthew Towgood banker of Clements Lane proved 19/02/1791. Among other provisions, he left to his son John Towgood the arrears of interest then amounting to £6800 on the £12,000 left to his wife by her brother John Mills 'the elder'.


  1. PROB 11/1202/74.

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Partner in Langston, Towgood, which later merged with Rogers, Olding Rogers in...

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Towgood was also a trustee and executor of the will of John Mills of Great St...
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Clements Lane, City of London, Middlesex, London, England