Stephen Hall banker of London

???? - 1809


Partner in the banking firm of Hankey & Co. He was party to a deed of 1776 in which he and Thomas Hankey, as surviving partners of Sir Joseph Hankey, Sir Thomas Hankey and Joseph Chaplin Hankey the mortgagees, confirmed the conveyance of the moiety of an estate on St Vincent that had belonged to Richard Mackown [sp?] to Jonathan Atkinson and William Walker, who had purchased it at auction in 1773.

  1. Will of Stephen Hall banker of London proved 28/08/1809. After monetary legacies and annuities he left his residual estate to William Alers (q.v. under William Alers Hanker), one of his banking partners.


Deed Book 1776-1777, British Library, EAP688/1/1/27, pp. 300 et seq.

  1. PROB 11/1502/260.

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1789 [EA] - 1789 [LA] → Not known

Agreement between Thomas Jemmitt of Dominica, Thomas Hankey, Joseph Chaplin Hankey, Stephen Hall and Robert Hankey of Fenchurch Street, London, bankers, and Joseph Jekyll of Spetisbury, Dors, concerning Hertford sugar plantation in Dominica and slaves (with schedule) (1789). LBS has inferred the Hankeys to have been mortgagees. C111/226.

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Hankey & Co.

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Business partners

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City of London, Middlesex, London, England