Ann Bramwell

1801 - ????


  1. Ann (born December 1801, baptised in St Elizabeth 17/12/1802), daughter of Luke Bramwell I and "free quadroon" Mary Foster.

  2. Ann was listed as one of the joint owners of Richmond Hill in St Elizabeth, her father's former estate, from 1826 with her brothers Joseph (born 1794) and Stepen Denton (born 1813) and sister Elizabeth (probably the Eliza Abell born in 1808 but possibly the Eliza born in 1803). With her sister Elizabeth she is probably listed erroneously as Anne Elizabeth in the slave compensation records.


  1., Jamaican Parish Registers, St Elizabeth, Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1705-1820 p. 105.

  2. See estate information for Richmond Hill.

Relationships (5)

Natural Daughter → Father
Sister → Brother
Sister → Brother
Natural Daughter → Mother