Robert Coningham of Gower Street

???? - 1809


Merchant in St Vincent with John Tatham. In 1785, given their considerable indebtedness to Charles Snell Chauncey of London trading under the name William Snell & Co., the disruption of the War and the substantial but then unrealisable assets they held on St Vincent, John Tatham and Robert Coningham, then both in Britain, entered into an indenture whereby John Tatham assigned his moiety of the partnership's assets including enslaved people on St Vincent to Robert Coningham, to facilitate the repayment of their debts, in exchange for an annuity for Tatham's life of £50 p.a. and two payments to his executors of £500 p.a. within 12 and 24 months of Tatham's death.

  1. Will of Robert Coningham of [Londonderry Ireland but now residing in] Gower Street Bedford Square [made in 1804] proved 27/01/1809. He left £400 to his brother Patrick Coningham of St Vincent; £200 to Robert Coningham the son of his deceased brother John; £200 each to William, Henry and Frances Ann Coningham, the children of his brother William; £50 to Elizabeth Lee of Londonderry; £10 to his maidservant Elizabeth Miller of Londonderry; and £50 to Mrs Angel Matson, wife of Capt. Matson of HM's Frigate Venus. He left the rest of his estate in trust for his daughter Elizabeth Wilhelmina Coningham, and appointed his brothers William and Walter Coningham as guardians and trustees with William Hamilton doctor of physick.


Endangered Archives Project, Deed Book 1785, British Library, EAP688/1/1/1, Deed of 12/03/1785 pp. 1-13.

  1. PROB 11/1491/248.

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Elizabeth Wilhelmina

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Coningham & Tatham
West India merchant  
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Local merchants in St Vincent until c....

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Gower Street, London, Middlesex, London, England