Richard Frith merchant of Kingston

???? - 1781


Merchant of Kingston, with a family in Ireland and England.

  1. Will of Richard Frith merchant of Kingston Jamaica proved 02/04/1781. He left £2800 currency to his daughter Louisa at 21 or on marriage, and left 'the use of' an enslaved man named Cato to his nephew James Taylor, then living with him, until his son Richard Tobin Frith reached 21, when Cato would pass to Richard Tobin Frith. He also left James Taylor £500 at 21. He left his brother William Frith and sister Ann Taylor widow of the City of London £140 currency each; his mother Lucy Frith then living at Gorey, Co. Wexford £25 currency and an annuity of £14 p.a. currency; two brothers in Ireland, Henry and Edward Frith £35 currency each; two nieces daughters of Ann Taylor £140 currency between them; and Ann Taylor a third niece then living with him £70 currency. His residuary heir was Richard Tobin Frith.


  1. PROB 11/1077/3.

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Louisa; Richard Tobin

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Aeneas Barkly married Louisa Susanna Frith or Ffrith, inferred by LBS to have been the grand-daughter of Richard Frith of Kingston and daughter of the latter''s son Richard Tobin Frith....