William Henry Mills of Nassau

???? - 1786


Merchant in Nassau, and slave-holder in South Carolina, dying c. 1786.

  1. Will of William Henry Mills of Nassau, made in 1785 proved in 1786 at Chester and 28/08/1790 at London. His will placed him within networks spanning London, Liverpool, South Carolina (where he had land and 'negroes') and the Bahamas. He had debts receivable from a number of individuals in the Caribbean and North America, all carefully delineated. His major legacies were an annuity of £60 p.a. to his wife Elizabeth after his daughter Ann reached 17 (whereupon Ann took on the income from his various financial assets totalling several thousand pounds principal), Ann to be sent to a respectable boarding school in England there to be educated in the various branches of a genteel female education', with a contingent remainder to Elizabeth Chambers, grand-daughter of Joshua Chambers late of Mayborough Queens County, with a note that Elizabeth Chambers might be hard to locate and that advertisement for her should be placed in newspapers in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Dublin.


  1. PROB 11/1195/171

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