William Cardale the elder

???? - 1816


London lawyer, appearing as party to deeds concerning the Worthy Park estate of the Price family, and described by Craton and Walvin as a creditor secured on the estate. Separately, trustee of the 1792 marriage settlement of Joseph Foster Barham (q.v.) and Lady Carolina Tufton.

  1. With Thomas Smith, William Cardale is reported to have first lent money on Worthy Park in 1789; by 1794 the debt was £18,000 and by 1796 over £30,000, with reportedly a further increase of £15,000 in 1798 from Cardale and Francis Gregor (q.v.). Heirs of William Cardale were reportedly pursuing a share of the estate from the Encumbered Estates Commission c. 1862.

  2. Will of William Cardale of [Gray's Inn and formerly of Bedford Row but now of] Islington proved 15/10/1816.


  1. Michael Craton and James Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation: the history of Worthy Park 1670-1970 (1970) pp. 180; 186 and 237.

  2. PROB 11/1584/457.

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1789 [EA] - 1862 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

William Cardale was shown as first co-lending against Worthy Park in 1789, and increasing the amount 1794, by Craton and Walvin. Cardale was certainly a trustee: it is less clear that he put up money himself.

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