Samuel Barrett (1749-1782)

25th Dec 1749 - 22nd Oct 1782


Youngest son of Samuel Barrett (1689-1760). Owner of Cambridge estate in Trelawny.

  1. Born 25/12/1749, died at Cambridge, 22/10/1782. Guardian of Mary Trepsack (q.v.).

  2. Patentee of 300 acres in Trelawny 07/05/1781 and a further 300 acres 20/05/1781.

  3. The will of Samuel Barrett of Trelawny, Esq. was proved in Jamaica 20/01/1783. He requested the manumission of Ann Molly (property of John Simpson) and bequeathed to her 4 enslaved people and £100 Jamaican currency. He provided for Mary Trepsack (daughter of William Trepsack, planter of St James) to be maintained and educated in Britain and then put out to an apprenticeship.

  4. Samuel Barrett of Trelawny, Esquire. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1783. Slave-ownership at probate: 235 of whom 139 were listed as male and 96 as female. 55 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £25300.47 Jamaican currency of which £19148 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £0 currency cash, £215.07 currency debts and £77.25 currency plate.


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