George Cuthbert

1745 - 1789


Provost Marshall of Jamaica.

  1. George, son of George Cuthbert of Castlehill and his wife Mary McIntosh, baptised in Inverness, 25/04/1745. Younger brother of Lewis Cuthbert (q.v.). Castlehill was "under sequestrtion for nearly thirty years", and on the death of his father the estate was "so embarrassed... the family had practically sunk." Alexander Cuthbert (known as L'Abbe Cuthbert) eventually purchased the estate but, being a Catholic and a naturalised French subject, could not hold the title, which "passed in respect of a small pecuniary consideration" to George.

  2. George Cuthbert emigrated to Jamaica and was appointed Provost Marshall there by his older brother Lewis, who leased the patent office. He died in Jamaica in 1789.


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