David Samuda of Leman Street

???? - 1804


London merchant, of 19 Leman Street Goodman Fields.

  1. Will of David Samuda merchant of [Leman Street, Goodman Fields] St Mary Whitechapel proved 19/07/1804. He left his brother Jacob £2000, his son Benjamin £3000 and his daughter Esther an annuity of £500 p.a. His main heir was another son, also named David.

  2. In 1798 Jacob Israel Bernal and David Samuda of Leman Street executed an indenture by which Bernal 'confirmed' to Samuda 124 enslaved people. The indenture settled a dispute that had its origin in an advance by Leman of £5000 and then further sums to Ab. Tavares in 1772 on a pen named as Friendship.


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