William Gibbes Alleyne I

1738 - 1783


Slave-owner on Barbados, dying there in 1783. He confirmed to his [second] wife his Spring estate which he had settled on her on their marriage, as well as the Black Rock estate and the enslaved people for life and then her to dispose of [i.e. bequeath] it to whichever of 'my family' she saw fit.


Brandow, Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society pp. 51-2, which gives a precis of his will.

Further Information

(1) Mercy Dottin (2) Elizabeth Lane

Associated Estates (2)

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1783 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Previous owner

This is a very tentative association, based only on a suggestion in Hughes-Queree, and not verified by LBS to date.

- 1783 [EY] → Owner

It appears that the Spring estate settled by William Gibbes Alleyne I on his wife Elizabeth and confirmed in his will was the Spring estate in St James (rather than the Spring estate in St Thomas)

Relationships (2)

Husband → Second Wife
Uncle → Nephew