Francis Tyssen the younger

1653 - 1710


  1. Wealthy London merchant, owned property in Hackney, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Stepney, Whitechapel, Essex and Huntingdonshire. Also owner of Bridges plantation in Angitua, inherited from his father Francis the elder. From his will, it does not appear that the Antiguan property was his principal asset.

  2. Of Shaklewell when his father wrote his will in 1690; still of the same place when he wrote his own will in 1710.

  3. Born 1653, son of Francis Tyssen and his wife Dorothy nee Collant. "The Tyssens were formerly merchants at Flushing, in Holland, but about the reign of James II. they settled in London and became naturalised subjects. Like many other City merchants at that time, they seem to have fixed their abode at Hackney and Shacklewell, and several of them were buried in Hackney Church."


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Further Information

[1] Susanna Mathews [2] Mary Western
With [1] Dorothy (1681-). With [2] John, William, Samuel, Martha, Mary

PROB 11/518/445 - precis.

Francis Tyssen of Shakelwell in the parish of Hackney, Middlesex, Esquire.

To my son Francis Tyssen, my three manors and signiorios in Hackney with the Rectory and Advowron[?] of the vicarage of Hackney, and all those copyhold estates in the parish of Hackney which were purchased in trust for me, and the tenements of which I am seized in fee situated in Hackney, and those 32 acres of land in Low Layton Marsh in Essex. All to Francis Tyssen and the male heirs of his body lawfully begotten. In default to my son John Tyssen and the male heirs of his body lawfully begotten, then son William and male heirs, then son Samuel and male heirs.

To my son John Tyssen, all my estate of inheritance and my leasehold estate in the City of London (provided he legally conveys the house and 32 acres in Low Leyton Marsh bought by me in his name to my son Francis Tyssen).

To my son William Tyssen, all my houses, lands and garden ground and all my real estate in Hoxton, Shoreditch and by Brickland in the parishes of Shoreditch, Stepney or Whitechapel.

To my son Samuel Tyssen, all my houses and land in the parishes of Offord Darcy and Offord Cluny in the County of Huntingdon.

To my son Samuel and his heirs forever my plantation called Bridge Plantation in Antigua.

None of my three sons John, William or Samuel to receive the rents and profits of the estates until they each reach the age of 24 years, my son Francis to receive them in the meantime.

To my three daughters Martha, Mary and Dorothy, £4,000 each at marriage or age 21 years.

To my two youngest sons William and Samuel, £2,000 each at age 24 years.

To my loving and welbeloved wife Mary Tyssen £1,000. Also to her all my plate, linen and jewels.

My executor to allow and pay for my six younger children £50 each per annum until they shall be entitled to receive their inheritances.

My son Francis Tyssen to be executor and residuary legatee.

Signed 19/08/1710.

Proved at London 20/12/1710.

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Shacklewell, London, Middlesex, London, England