Catherine Corsar formerly Green

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Holder of the right to dower on the Plaisance estate in St Patrick Grenada in 1771 after the death of her first husband George Green. She (aged 30) and her second husband Frederick Corsar both of London were shown as leaving Plymouth in 1774 on the Westerhall bound to Grenada to reside there, with a child aged 2 and a servant.


London Gazette 11146 21/05/1771 p. 6;, Emigrants from England to the American Colonies, 1773-1776 Port of Plymouth [database online].

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(1) George Green (2) Frederick Corsar

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1771 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Other

The estate was advertised for sale in 1771 subject to the right of dower of Catherine Corsar formerly Green, which right was to be settled under a Chancery suit then in progress.

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Wife → Second Husband