William Pillen or Pullen

???? - 1754


Merchant and slave-owner in Hanover. Returnee to Britain. Bequeathed his estate to his illegitimate sons Robert, William and John.

Robert and William, "mulatto son[s] of William Pullen by Camilla, a Negro" baptised in Clarendon 12/07/1746. John, "a mulatto son of William Pullen by Camilla, a Negro" baptised in Clarendon 27/06/1753. Camilla Pullen, "a free Negro" born 1720, and her daughter Sarah Pullen, "a mulatto" were baptised in Clarendon 29/12/1755.

William Pillen was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 210 acres of land in Hanover.

William Pullen of Britain, merchant. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1755. Slave-ownership at probate: 38 of whom 22 were listed as male and 16 as female. 15 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £6310.97 Jamaican currency of which £1005 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £0 currency cash, £4779.51 currency debts and £0 currency plate.

The will of William Pullen made provision for his daughters Amy and Mary to return to Jamaica if they wished, and for his youngest son John to move to Britain. Amelia, daughter of Mary Pullen, "a free mulatto woman" by Anthony Rodrigues was born 13/11/1758 and baptised 19/12/1759. Three other children were born to this couple: Anthony William (1757), Sarah (1760) and John (1763).

William Pullen, KIngston merchant, was the initial recepient of Peter Collgrave's letter of recommendation for Thomas Thistlewood in 1750.


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Further Information

Amy, Mary, Robert, William, John

PROB 11/811/255 - precis.

William Pullen of London, merchant.

Joseph Richardson of Jamaica Esquire and Jonas Butterfield of London Gentleman to be trustees of my estates, negroes and effects in Jamaica. Trustees to sell all my estates real and personal in Jamaica (except the eight negroes after mentioned) for the best price that can be got and remit the produce and profits to my executors to be disposed of together with all my goods, moneys or effects in England.

To Jonas Butterfield 10 guineas for mourning.

To Camilla of Clarendon parish in Jamaica, the aforesaid negroe woman her freedom and £10 per annum Jamaican currency for life. My executors to pay her draft from time to time for the said annuity. Camilla to have any two of my negroe women she shall choose for life.

To my servant boy James Uzling[?] £50 Jamaican currency to be paid to him at the expiration of his time.

To my sister Elizabeth, wife, of William Gibbeson of Rippon in Yorkshire 10 guineas a year for life and also 10 guineas for mourning.

To my daughters Amy and Mary three negroes for their natural lives to be chosen by them out of my stock of negroes after Camilla shall have taken the two negroe women aforesaid. After the death of either or both of my daughters, the negroes to fall into the residue of my estate. If either of my daughters be minded to return to Jamaica, the passage to be paid out of my estate.

To each of my two daughters a decent suit of mourning.

To my friend Peter Collgrave of London, Gentleman, a mourning ring in remembrance of me.

To my cousin William Pullen (one of my executors) 20 guineas for mourning.

To my worthy friend David Patrick (the other of my executors) 10 guineas for mouring.

My executors with all convenient speed after my decease to send for and procure my youngest son John (now in Jamaica) to be brought over to England and to pay his passage and charges.

All rest and residue to William Pullen and David Patrick in trust that a sufficient part thereof be invested in some public stocks or funds and to receive the interest and to pay thereof the annuities to Camilla and my sister Elizabeth Gibbeson. In trust all of the remainder of my estate to invest in a like manner to apply the interest for the maintenance, education and advancement in the world of my three sons Robert, William and John until they each attain the age of 21 years. When each reaches the age of 21, they to recieve on equal share of the stocks and funds. In default of the death of all of my sons before age 21 without lawful issue the residue to John Pullen, son of my said cousin William Pullen.

William Pullen and David Patrick to be executors.

Signed 01/10/1754.

Codicil dated 03/10/1754. Additional sum of 40 guineas to David Patrick. My executors to provide all necessaries for John Smith of Knaresborough in Yorkshire until his affairs are settled in Jamaica.

Proved at London 19/10/1754.

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