Robert Skerrett

1727 - 1771


  1. Robert Skerrett, owner of Skerretts (later known as Nugents and Clare Hall) in St John's parish, Antigua. Married Antonetta, daughter of Walter Nugent, Esquire, 14/11/1753 at St John's. Antonetta apparently died insolvent circa 1785; the estate passed to the Codringtons.

  2. Robert Skerret, "Americanus", was admitted to Leyden University 01/09/1745 aged 18 years.

  3. According to Lyson's Environs of London, there is a tombstone to Robert Skerret who died in 1771 in the cemetery of St Pancras Old Church, London.


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Further Information

Antonetta Nugent

PROB 11/970/175 - precis.

Robert Skerrett of London now of Antigua, planter.

To my friend a and clerk Mr James Tinker £100 sterling.

To Master Joseph Lynch, son of my kinsman Stephen Lynch of Antigua, now residing in England, Esquire, £500 sterling at age 18 years.

To my sister Eleanor Power £2,000 sterling, to be paid to her ten years after my decease, to her own use and advantage during her life but at her death to be equally divided between her children. That sum of £2,000 during said ten years be at interest payable to her yearly at the rate of four per cent per annum.

To my sister Mary Skerrett £2,000 sterling to be paid to her ten years after my decease and the interim interest to be paid to her at the like rate of four per cent per annum.

To each of my executors £50 guineas.

All rest and residue of my real and personal estate to my beloved wife Antonetta Skerrett and her heirs forever.

My wife Antonetta Skerrett to be executrix, Mr John Bradshaw of London, broker, and Mr Charles Ohara of the island of Montserrat, merchant, to be executors.

Signed 26/11/1769.

Proved at London 12/08/1771 by Antonetta Skerrett, widow. Administration also granted to John Bradshaw and Charles O'Hara.

Leyden [1745 ]

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