Lucy Marshall

9th Jul 1807 - ????


  1. Lucy Marshall, born 09/07/1807 and baptised 14/07/1809 in Jamaica, daughter of Rev. Edward Marshall and Elizabeth nee Horn. Her mother was probably the daughter and heir of John Horn of Mount Moses in St Andrew. Rev. Edward Marshall was deceased by the time of the baptism of his youngest daughter Lucy Sophia 18/11/1821 in St Andrew, Jamaica (she had been born 12/11/1819).

  2. Enslaved people on Mount Moses were registered by Rev. Edward Marshall as owner and natural guardian to his children Anna and Lucy Marshall in 1817; as owner and natural guardian in 1820; by Samuel Murphy as attorney of Elizabeth Marshall in 1823 and 1826 and by Samuel Murphy as trustee in 1829 and 1832. It's not clear why only two of Edward Marshall's children are mentioned in the earlier registers. They may have inherited a small number of enslaved people rather than a share in the estate. It's not clear whether the trust beneficiaries are Elizabeth Marshall or her children.

  3. Lucy has not been traced after her birth. She may have died by the time of the birth of her sister Lucy Sophia in 1819.


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  2. See estate information for Mount Moses.

  3. See 1., above.

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Probably owned some of the enslaved people rather than a share in the estate.

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