John Henry Barrow

1740 - 1811


Owner of Sunbury and the Cottage in Barbados, dying in England 'of Westerham Kent' c. 1811.

  1. John Henry Barrow Esquire of Hill Park, was buried at Waterham, St Mary the Virgin Church 27/02/1811 aged 71 years.

  2. Will of John Henry Barrow of Westerham Kent [made 11/06/1810] proved 05/04/1811. In the will he ordered the sale of his estate in Kent called Hill Park, and of his Cottage estate in Barbados with the enslaved people on it. He left £7000 to his daughter Ann Mayers with as much more as required to make the £3000 currency he had already given her up to £3000 sterling, so that her 'fortune' would be £10,000, and £10,000 to his daughter Eliza Barrow. He left an annuity of £2000 p.a. to his wife Frances Barrow and the Sunbury estate and the enslaved people on it to his son John Barrow (q.v.), subject to France Barrow's annuity.


There is an entry for 'John Barrow' in Alumni Cantabrigienses that appears to conflate John Henry Barrow of this entry and his son John Barrow, and that shows 'John Barrow' admitted at St John's in 1792 and with a will dated 1810 proved 1811.

  1., Kent Burials [database online].

  2. PROB 11/1521/84.

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Ann; Eliza; John

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Father → Son
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Geroge Barrow is identified in the will of John Henry Barrow as his brother and...
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Hill Park, Westerham, Kent, South-east England , England