Dr John Hewan

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Assumed to be Dr John Hewan, married to Barbara. Three children born to this couple and baptised in St James, Jamaica: Elizabeth Leslie (1807), Richard Samuels (1808) and Helen (1810). John Hewan was deceased by 1817.

Report from the Edinburgh Annual Register 1810:

"Montego Bay, May 26. - A most melancholy accident happened last Monday evening at Dr Hewan's, by a bottle of aether taking fire at a candle burning in a sick chamber; whilst some was pouring into a phial, the bottle burst, and immediately a liquid flame spread over the room. Mrs Clarke was ill in bed, and Mr Clarke sitting by. The flames communicated to the bed, and in attempting to extinguish it, Mr Clarke was enveloped in fire. Mrs Clarke got out of bed horribly burnt, and was met at the chamber-door by Mr Peterkin, who conveyed her out of the house; fortunately that gentleman and Dr Hewan were sitting in the dining-room opposite. Dr Hewan rushed through the flames, and in tearing the clothes off Mrs Clarke, got considerably burnt in his hands and feet. He has lost his house, the greater part of his furniture, liquors, medicines, and instruments. Mr Clarke died on Thursday night; Mrs Clarke's life is in very great danger, and Dr Hewan's doubtful."


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Edinburgh Annual Register vol. III part II p. 128 (21/07/1810).

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Elizabeth Leslie, Richard Samuels, Helen

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