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  1. In 1777 the executors of Sam[p]son Wood deceased sold the Grove estate to William Senhouse (q.v.), noted by Hughes-Queree as the husband of Samson Wood's daughter. The ODNB entry for Humphrey Fleming Senhouse show him as the son of William Senhouse and of Elizabeth 'daughter of Samson Wood, Speaker of the Barbados Assembly.' 'Samson Wood' was Speaker of the House of Assembly 1770-1772 and again 1780-1787. Most online genealogical sources show life-dates of 1712-1774 for Samson Wood the father of Elizabeth Senhouse, implying that the speakership was held successively by two different Samson Woods, father and son, the Samson Wood of this entry and Samson Wood the younger (q.v.).

  2. According to the report of his son-in-law William Senhouse, after Samson Wood's death his property was valued at £58,154 12s, including his plantation in St Philip (Senhouse Grove) sold for £18,500, his plantation in St Joseph valued at £12,390 17s 6d, land etc. in St Thoams, £561 12s 6d, land etc in St Michael, £!,702 2s, and "specialities" at £25,000. His house, Harmony Hall, was owned in right of his wife and could be willed as she desired. Senhouse bought the Grove in St Philip for £18,000 on 25/07/1774.


  1. J.K. Laughton, rev. Andrew Lambert, 'Senhouse, Sir Humphrey Fleming (baptised 1781, died 1841), naval officer', ODNB online.

  2. Recollections of William Senhouse (1741-1800) which also appears in the Journal of the Barbados Museum Historical Society [copy sent by email, Michael Turnball, 28/07/2018].

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